I’m your host, Louis Jackman. Welcome to my site.

I live in the UK and specialise in information security and software development. I can do system administration, but that interest only goes so far as to support other areas I’m interested in. This website’s articles are mostly around these topics, albeit with many diversions.

My CV can be found as here. Contact information like my LinkedIn profile can be found on the contact page.

Aside from my primary skills, my technological interests also include programming language theory, concurrency and parallelism, langsec, programming formalism like static typing and proof systems, and compile-time metaprogramming. I might even have ended up a static-typing zealot were it not for my exposure to Lisp and Erlang.

I’m at home in Unix-like command line environments, web browsers, and mobile-style apps, but feel out of my element using WIMP GUIs on the desktop, non-Unix-like operating systems, and bulky IDEs. There’s nothing wrong with them, they just don’t match my style of working.

I’ve worked with Linux, AWS, Python, Ansible, system hardening, ISMSes, REST/HTTP, Terraform, Docker, and Java and its Spring ecosystem. I’ve also dabbled in Kubernetes, TypeScript, Selenium, WordPress, Ruby, Heroku, various versions of Angular, React, redux, redux-observable, RxJS, and macOS. Dabbling isn’t the same as being adept, of course.

JavaScript and Rust feature heavily in my personal projects, with C and Python also showing up from time to time. I’ve used Rust since 0.15, but it has thankfully stabilised a lot since then.

My spare time is sometimes occupied with writing articles for this site and working on projects like my programming language Sylan, but most of it is non-technological endevours.

This site uses Pelican, which is implemented in Python and uses Jinja for templating.